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[ Posted 04/26/03 by M3G ]

Beta 3 available ! You can now download the 3rd version of the TLL race : here. Many things have changed since the beta2 :
- lots of units added : TLL units added, ARM/CORE units added,
- some beta2 units remodeled, new models that fit the TLL theme better,
- new weapons added,
- balance improved.

There's still much to do, and any help or comments are welcome, you can use our forum to let us know what you think of the race, as usual. There's also a list available of thing that need to be done before the next release : the version 1.0 ! There's much more than that you can discuss, so just pay our forum a visit.

I also have updated and reorganized the renders page. It contains few more units, on several pages that take less time to load.

[ Posted 04/15/03 by M3G ]

More screenshot! head over the Screenshots page to see TLL forces on a very special landscape ! The map and tileset are made by Syl of course and is available on TAAN. So pay TAAN a visit and download this cool looking map .
The TLL campaign is stil underwork and now we have almost 8 missions ready ! That means we are half done with the campaign part !

[ Posted 03/31/03 by M3G ]

Add-on info! All the add-on units for TLL are ready to fight : Head over the bottom of this page to see the 10 TLL units that will be added to the next pack. I have also updated the renders page with few 180*180 pictures.
The next pack will contains 158 TLL units as well as 15-20 units for ARM and CORE. If you have some suggestions about ARM or CORE units you want to see in the next pack, you could drop a line on our forum and let us know.
That's all for today!

[ Posted 03/23/03 by M3G ]

Renders ! Some news about the TLL add-on : i've made a few renders of some TLL hovercrafts as well as some other units. You can see the latest renders on our renders page of course ! The add-on is about to be finished, but i'm fixing some minor issues. If you have any bug to report, use or forum as usual.
Syl is still working on the campaign and now we have the first 5 missions ready ! I already tested them and woaw! They are great !

[ Posted 03/14/03 by M3G ]

New site design! Thanks to The Dojo, The Lost Legacy has a new home! Way better than before, i would like to especially thank Enjoy and Stiggie The site is still under construction and will be 100% operationnal in few days. All the links are working now but we plan to add more pages.

On the race now : We have posted several polls on our forum. A poll about the TLL units textures and on this one we need your comments. You can also post bug repport and read the "to fix" list.

What's going on now with TLL ? The campaign is currently being made by Syl and the first 3 missions are ready (but not avaible yet). The overall campaign will be composed of 15-16 missions avaible in english, french, and german.
An add-on pack will also be avaible, with more units for ARM and CORE, and several units for TLL such as hovercrafts. No release date for this add-on nor for the campaign.

[ Posted 02/26/03 by M3G ]

Race Released ! Yep you read it well, the .exe version of the race is released! After waiting several months you can now play with the TLL without TA:Mutation. Just follow the intructions for the installation and enjoy. There's two version avaible the first one is the TA:M version transformed into an .exe, and the second one is much different than the fisrt because we made lots of changes to the models, buildpics, etc... according to our TA:M testers.

The TLL race is composed of ~145 units and there's more to come. So head over our download page and give the TLL a try, your TA game will never be the same!

If you have any questions about TLL you can ask on our Forum.

[ Posted 01/31/03 by M3G ]

Render ! Just one picture to show you we are still working on the race, adding units, balancing and more. The .exe file should come within weeks! Head over our render page to see the last addition to the TLL forces!

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